businessman busi‧ness‧man [ˈbɪznsmən] noun businessmen PLURALFORM [-mən] [countable] JOBS
a man who works at a high level in a company, or who owns a company:

• a successful American businessman

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businessman UK US /ˈbɪznɪsmən/ noun [C] (plural businessmen)
a man who works in business, especially one with an important position in a company or who owns his own company: »

a successful businessman

a man who understands a lot about business and making money: a good/shrewd businessman »

A shrewd businessman, he knew how to make a profit from his inventions.

See also BUSINESSPERSON(Cf. ↑businessperson), BUSINESSWOMAN(Cf. ↑businesswoman)
See Note BUSINESSPERSON(Cf. ↑businessperson)

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